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Who are WE!!??

Thanks for visiting our site.  We are teachers, coaches, and family.  Two families are involved.

First, we have the Epstein family, Dan and Colleen.  They live in Crystal River, Florida.  Dan and Colleen have been involved since the beginning.   Dan has a passion for track and field and is certified in USTAF, FHSAA, etc. He, also, is the meet director for the FLYRA Middle School State Meet.  Colleen is a teacher and is our resident pro on Meet Pro and Racetab.

The second family is three-generational.  The link is Freddie Bullock.  She is a former coach and has been involved since the beginning.  The next generation is Sarah Johnson and Tina and Clinton Cash.  These two live in Bushnell and are twins.  They are the ones who can adjust on the fly better than all.  Sarah is our resident pro on everything.  The third generation of this group is Sky Wayte and Abraham Cash.  Young people learning the business.

Our goal is to have affordable timing for various sporting events or help with fund raising for your school, organization, etc.  We can cover track and field, cross country, road races, trail runs and fund-raising ideas.

We can, also, perform meet management if you need someone to come in and run your event for you.

We do our best to provide reasonable prices.  Our quotes cover all cost.   We will give you an honest assessment if we can cover your event. We will still answer any questions you have and if needed, help you find a timer.  If you are interested in any of our services, there is a Hire Us link.  If we do not respond within 24 hours, we did not receive it.


The ASP Team